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Using PgBouncer with Semarchy PostgreSQL database

Hello, Does anybody have experiences and best practices of using PgBouncer with managing Semarchy database connections? The usage of PgBouncer is something that Azure suggests as part of their documentation for Azure Database for PostgreSQL so would be interesting to hear experiences about it and if it improved the database performance or database connection reliability? Br, Juhani
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Hi Juhani,

Thank you for your question and apologies for delay in getting to it. Semarchy xDM product comes with an inbuilt connection pool. You can use the documentation link to setup and open a Support ticket if you run into any issues. I do want to point out though having a connection pool for a very small user base might be detrimental to performance. So it would be good to know:

  • Your total user base.
  • Your peak usage connection count.
  • If you will be using read replicas to scale reads.

The answers to above questions might be helpful in determining the best use of connection pools and its settings.


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