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xDM 2024.1 : conditional text color for attribute in authoring


In previous versions (2023.4 and before) I managed to change the text color of attributes with an SemQL function in authoring forms. 

But since the upgrade it seems to not be possible anymore.

I used the following SemQL :  

 when EtatAdministratif = 'F' then 'md:red' 	
 when EtatAdministratif = 'A' then 'md:green' 	
 else '' 

This SemSQL works for the background color . 


Can you clear the cache on the browser or use another browser other than Edge ?


Still KO, here is what I tried:

  • Firefox + cache clearing
  • G Chrome + cache clearing

I  tried this and it is working fine in 2024.1.

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