xDM 2023.1.1 is available!


We have released today on semarchy.com this patch for Semarchy xDM 2023.1 (LTS release).

You can read the release notes (2023.1.1) for the detailed content of this version.

New Features

  • MDM-13972: Semarchy xDM is now certified with Java 17.
  • MDM-14020: Semarchy xDM is now certified with Eclipse Temurin Open JDK.

Bug Fixes

  • MDM-13355: A dashboard query using the PATINDEX function fails on SQL Server with an Unable to retrieve data from the server error.
  • MDM-13892: Some cells are not correctly aligned in data tables.
  • MDM-13901: In Dashboard Builder, a Missing mandatory value in databaseType error is issued when validating a newly created datasource.
  • MDM-13926: With Safari, the Primary Text of entity Display Cards is not visible.
  • MDM-13950: ID form fields set with the auto or force-readonly authoring mode display an empty value on authoring forms when the related entity attribute is a UUID.
  • MDM-13972: Semarchy xDM version 2023.1.0 fails to start with Java 17 JDK.
  • MDM-14022: Duplicates Managers performance enhancement.
  • MDM-14038: After an upgrade to 2023.1.0, the SEMARCHY_REPOSITORY_READONLY datasource is not available as a Dashboard datasource.
  • MDM-14044: After an upgrade to 2023.1.0, the upgraded SemQL in the Authoring Mode form field property is incorrect and raises an ORA-00932 error in Oracle.
  • MDM-14054: Object form fields fail to display content from an URL when browsing.
  • MDM-14070: A form section configured with a horizontal layout incorrectly uses a vertical layout.
  • MDM-14071: The Object form field displays the raw content when configured with a SemQL visibility condition.
  • MDM-14076: Reference fields defined with a non-writable expression are not displayed in authoring forms and prevent other fields in the same container from being displayed.
  • MDM-14093: Object form fields fail to display content from an URL when authoring.
  • MDM-14096: In Dashboard applications, the Cancel button of the Export Records dialog is not localized.
  • MDM-14108: The priority set while performing a transition in Data-Driven Workflows is not saved on the workflow instance.
  • MDM-14116: A newly created Dashboard Query raises an unexpected error when validated under certain conditions.
  • MDM-14117: Unexpected margins cause the content of collection columns to be truncated.
  • MDM-14124: The Workflow Builder link incorrectly appears on the Welcome Page for users with no sufficient privileges.
  • MDM-14125: Third-party library upgrade: Kafka Client.
  • MDM-14127: Third-party library upgrade: Commons File Upload.
  • MDM-14138: When a form is opened in a stepper, a nested exception is com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'order' is raised with SQL Server under certain conditions.
  • MDM-14146: Enabling the Tomcat security manager causes server startup and integration jobs to raise a java.security.AccessControlException: access denied error.
  • MDM-14163: Master records cannot be moved to an existing golden record in Merge or Split duplicate managers using the graph view.
  • MDM-14171: Email notifications are not sent by Data-Driven workflows if the entity’s display card has no secondary text.
  • MDM-14204: Email notifications are not sent by Data-Driven Workflows if the primary or secondary text of the entity’s display card contains user-dependent variables.
  • MDM-14210: Third-party library upgrade: net.minidev and nimbus-jose-jwt.

The offers on Docker, AWS, Azure, and GCP will be updated to this version in the following days.

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