Semarchy xDM 2024.1.1 LTS is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDM 2024.1 LTS.

You can read the release notes (2024.1.1) for the list of issues.

Bug Fixes

  • MDM-14989: When attempting to open a dashboard application from the welcome page, a blank screen is displayed in the browser.
  • MDM-14997: Attempting to open the Configuration module results in an unexpected error in the browser, along with a 404 not found message when opening the Dashboard Builder or Workflow Builder.
  • MDM-15025: Attempting to view profiles associated with datasources in the Discovery module or to open a profiling application from the welcome page results in an unexpected application error and a 404 not found message.
  • MDM-15066: When creating a new user and enabling the Ask for a password change at the next login setting, subsequent user attempts to log in result in an application error with a 404 not found message.
The Docker image and the Azure Solution Template will be updated to this version in the following days.

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