Semarchy xDM 2024.1.3 LTS is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDM 2024.1 LTS.

You can read the release notes (2024.1.3) for the list of issues.

Bug Fixes

  • MDM-14604: An unexpected backslash character (\) is observed at the end of the line just before a bullet-point list in bold formatting when inputting content into a long text field using a Markdown component.
  • MDM-14714: Attempting to apply row filter privileges to an entity with a SemQL condition involving an attribute of a parent entity and the IN operator fails with a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException error in the PDE log.
  • MDM-14800: X-Forwarded-For headers are available despite the allowXForwardedHeaders system property being set to false, potentially causing undesired header handling. For enhanced control and security, the default (false) behavior of the allowXForwardedHeaders property now removes X-Forwarded headers from requests.
  • MDM-14805: In the Configuration module, the Identity Provider Test side sheet fails to display logs when testing a SAML connection, regardless of whether the connection is made over HTTP or HTTPS.
  • MDM-14824: Security enhancement: REST API documentation.
  • MDM-15064: Applying row filter privileges to an entity, specifically when the condition references a child entity through a SemQL lookup expression, raises a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException error in the PDE log and makes the application inaccessible to users with restricted privileges.
  • MDM-15159: The execution engine’s performance has been optimized by reducing the number of database queries required to identify running loads in the continuous load process. For enhanced performance, platform administrators should create a custom database index on MTA_INTEG_LOAD(LOADID) to optimize queries that involve filtering or sorting by load ID.
  • MDM-15196: Third-party library upgrade: Apache Commons Compress.
  • MDM-15204: Third-party component upgrade: PostgreSQL JDBC driver.
  • MDM-15214: Third-party library upgrade: Apache Commons Compress.
  • MDM-15226: Attempting to create a replica datasource through the user interface when the original datasource was initially created using the REST API fails with the following JavaScript error message: Error: Minified React error #31.
  • MDM-15302: Within the Workflow Builder, the attribute list in the SemQL editor’s Assignment Condition view remains empty when the related model includes entities that inherit from other entities.
  • MDM-15308: When attempting to access a workflow user task from the My Tasks interface, a generic unexpected error occurs if the associated collection configured to display in My Tasks references a model variable, and the following error message is logged: com.semarchy.datahub.runtime.workflow.service.WorkflowEngineException: Missing named parameters.
  • MDM-15312: Security enhancement: datasource configuration.
  • MDM-15314: Security enhancement: login page content.
  • MDM-15317: Third-party component upgrade: Apache Tomcat for xDM preconfigured, Docker image, and cloud images (QuickStart VM and Azure Solution Template).

The Docker image and the Azure Solution Template will be updated to this version in the following days.

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