Semarchy xDM 2024.2.1 is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDM 2024.2 (MS).

You can read the release notes (2024.2.1) for the list of issues.

Bug Fixes

  • MDM-15226: Attempting to create a replica datasource through the user interface when the original datasource was initially created using the REST API fails with the following JavaScript error message: Error: Minified React error #31.
  • MDM-15315: While configuring a SAML identity provider, trying to access the service provider metadata URL results in an internal server error and writes a java.lang.IllegalStateException error to the PDE log. This prevents the download of the SAML service provider metadata in XML format.
  • MDM-15317: Third-party component upgrade: Apache Tomcat for xDM preconfigured, Docker image, and cloud images (QuickStart VM and Azure Solution Template).
  • MDM-15320: Third-party component upgrade: Apache CXF.
  • MDM-15335: Semarchy GenAI OpenAI enrichers now include tolerance for trailing commas to prevent JSON parsing failures caused by trailing commas in OpenAI JSON responses.
  • MDM-15347: Third-party component upgrade: Netty.
  • MDM-15376: When multiple transitions are available from a user task in a workflow, the Assignee drop-down menu for selecting the next task’s assignee in the transition dialog consistently and exclusively shows the candidate list for the task targeted by the first transition configured in the current user task’s settings.
  • MDM-15377: Third-party library upgrade: Bouncy Castle.
  • MDM-15454: Upon importing or publishing master records for a fuzzy-matched child entity through a workflow designed to handle erroneous golden records of this entity, the workflow encounters a failure while attempting to update multiple columns within the child entity table referencing the parent. This failure results in a multiple assignments to same column "parent" error message in the PDE log.

The Docker image and the Azure Solution Template will be updated to this version in the following days.

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