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Using an identifier from a source system.

- Do you have any recommendations (alert point) when using an identifier from a source system. In connection with this following documentation.

- Need/wish : Use of already existing codes as "reference" (from a reference base still used for some applications). We thus wish to apply codes already used and automatically apply new ones.



We are thinking of using the SemQL query method (to be defined - idea: search for the last code available in the list and "tag" it as "activated" once applied.)

Do you think is a good method / is possible ? 

Thanks for your advice!

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Hello Rlhostis,

Yes, you can use the Code attribute in the ID generation using the SemQL, but it won't apply to the existing records, it will be only applicable to the newer one that you will create and always take the value of 'code' attribute which you will provide while creating a record, as it's a Primary key so there's won't be 2 same code values exist otherwise it will throw an error.

Thank you.

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