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How to retrieve workflow definition ?


We are trying to build some KPI for our workflows.

It appears that the MTA_WF_X tables contains only the workflow deinitions of the legacy workflows, built directly from the application builder.

Where can I find the workflow definition of the ones built with the workflow builder ?

Best regards,


Hello Lucas,

You can find the workflow definitions of the Data Driven workflow in the related schema of the model under the tables starts with wf_xx, for example-


Thank you and Have a nice day.

Hello Subham,

Thank you for your swift answer.

He had a look into these tables but it appears that they are containing the workflows instance data but not the workflow structure data.

We are trying to retrieve the assigned role of each task, or the workflow's edition ID, and this info is not available  here.

we looked also in the MTA WF tables but we can find here only the data structure of the workflows created directly in the application builder.

Best regards,

Hello Lucas,

Sorry for the late response, The Workflow definitions are stored in the definition column of the mta_model_fco table.

Can you please have a look and confirm if I can able to answer your questions?

Thank you.

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