Before contacting the Support Team

Please make sure that your question is not covered by 

  • the Reference Documentation for xDM or xDI

When relevant, ask your colleagues if they face the same issue - if they don't, then compare your environments and detailed steps.

Contact channels

The best way to contact the support team is through this support portal (other possible channels are listed on our website). 

When necessary, we can arrange a remote meeting or phone call.

Submitting a Support Ticket

Please provide as many details as possible to help us understand the context and the technologies involved: 

  • Contact information
    Your email address, the customer company affected by the issue
  • Need
    For example:
    • xDI : "I need to call a webservice for each line read from an Oracle table, and produce XML files with the webservice response".
    • xDM: "I need to call a Rest API to enrich my data on authoring"
  • Technologies
    Version of our tool, Java version, Database, cloud environments, operating systems...
  • Implemented Solution
    Provide screenshots illustrating how you implemented your need.
    When applicable, also provide an "Export models and dependencies" of your mapping/process for xDI, an export of your model for xDM.
  • Expected result
    Describe what you were expecting to occur. Provide examples of expected data.
  • Actual result
    Describe the unexpected result. Show the wrong data.
    Provide textual error messages (Error log for xDM)
  • Analysis
    You might have already identified important facts about the issue.
    Please share these facts with us: we will gain time and you will get a solution faster!

Once all this is prepared, please submit your ticket from the portal.