After manually removing a Workflow associated with an Integration Batch, administrators may encounter a ERROR: cannot execute UPDATE in a read-only transaction error when refreshing the Management perspective of the Semarchy xDM application. Below are excerpts of stacktraces for this specific error and related errors.

org.springframework.jdbc.UncategorizedSQLException: PreparedStatementCallback; uncategorized SQLException for SQL [update MTA_STEPPER_INSTANCE_LEVEL set START_MODE = ?, CURRENT_RECORD_ID = ?, ID = ?, CURRENT_STEP = ?, CURRENT_STEP_SELECTION = ?, SUB_LEVEL = ? where ID = ?]; SQL state [25006]; error code [0]; ERROR: cannot execute UPDATE in a read-only transaction; nested exception is org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: cannot execute UPDATE in a read-only transaction
itemId=WorkflowId{dataLocationName=MDMFrance, applicationName=MDMFrance, loadId=9244}

Cannot find metadata WorkflowDefinition for name CLIENTWorkflow

Root Cause Analysis

  1. The Semarchy xDM application is attempting to apply various functions and operations to objects that no longer physically exist in the related database or schema. This scenario often occurs when an object is manually deleted from some tables in the database, but references to the deleted object still remain in other tables.
  2. There has been a change in the stepper or workflow name and it has not been updated in the front-end app maybe because the model was not deployed post the model changes?
  3. The model might contain errors.
  4. The batch has been submitted but the associated Workflow doesn't exist.


  1. Validate then redeploy the model.
  2. Manually cancel the batch by following the steps outlined in the following Community article.