Issue description

When completing steps for initial Semarchy xDM setup using Internet Explorer, after entering the Setup Token in the field specified, then clicking on LOG IN, a user is directed to a blank screen.

Image 1. Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser displays Setup Token prompt.

After entering Setup Token, then clicking on LOG IN, user is presented with blank page, with no configuration options.

Image 2. Unsupported web browser - User encounters blank page after login.


This issue occurs as a result of using an unsupported browser (Internet Explorer) during platform setup. Refer to Semarchy Installation Guide for a complete list of currently-supported browsers. Users encountering this error simply need to switch from an unsupported browser, to one supported, in order to proceed to next configuration steps.

After switching to a supported browser, we execute the same operations as before, beginning with entering the Setup Token and logging in.

Image 3. Google Chrome web browser displays Setup Token prompt.

Using a supported browser, we see the expected EULA on the setup screen. After accepting the EULA, users can proceed to additional configuration steps as needed.

Image 4. Supported web browser - User encounters populated page after login.