A soft delete, in the context of MDM applications, is a system-level method of flagging a record as ""inactive"". It is most commonly used in scenarios where the requirements are to retain a record, while not making it visible/editable through the UI. It differs from a ""hard delete"" in the fact that the record continues to persist in the database, and can be reactivated if needed.

While attempting to execute a SOFT_DELETE operation with the REST API (for more details, see the documentation)users or external systems may receive a RECORD_NOT_FOUND error. The JSON response for this specific error should resemble the JSON snippet below.

 ""deleteRecords"": {
  ""CustomerPolicy"": [
  ""entityName"": ""CustomerPolicy"",
  ""recordId"": {  
  ""CustomerPolicyID"": ""00000Y6QOU82PRD3571C-0521826-20090502-DR""  
  ""status"": ""RECORD_NOT_FOUND""

Root Cause Analysis

When executing the same operation using an API key with admin privileges, the operation works as expected. Using this knowledge, we can determine the error is related to the assigned privileges.

Troubleshooting and Resolution

  1. Under Model Privileges Grants, verify the user has Allow Checkout and Allow Delete privileges assigned.
  2. Retest the operation after saving changes.
  3. Review documentation on Managing Security and Privileges.
Image 1. Assign Allow Checkout and Allow Delete Privileges