A common business requirement is to set a relationship between 2 entities as mandatory. This ensures that xDM checks that every record loaded has the mandatory relationship populated.

For example, imagine you have a B2B use case. The data governance requirements mandate that a company record must be linked to a country. The Company entity has a relationship to the Country entity.

How to add mandatory references

Go to the child entity (Company). Open the References. Check the Mandatory checkbox in the References.

If you're looking for how to set an attribute as mandatory, check out this article.

How to notify the business user of this mandatory relationship

During data entry, it is common to remind the business user that the country field must be populated when creating a new company record or editing an existing record.

Once you have set the relationship to mandatory, you can set the Stepper or Workflow to alert the business user of a data violation if country is not populated.

For example, look for Country and the Validation Type of MANDATORY.

NOTE: If you don't see the mandatory validation type, click the yellow refresh button.