This article describes how an administrator can monitor Load Job and Integration Job logs within Semarchy xDM.

Watch the video below to see how you can find the job logs in the Management tab in the Application Builder.


  1. Go to the Management tab in the Application Builder.
  2. Find the relevant data location.
  3. Open the Latest Load node and find the relevant Load ID. You should know the Load ID when you submitted the load. The submit load function will return the Load ID to you in your SQL client (or REST API request).
  4. Find the status. It should be finished. If the status is not showing as Finished, it means your load job never completed. That is why your SD records never made it to the GD table. Re-analyze your load jobs or ETL processes.
  5. If the load is finished, find the related Integration Batch job.
  6. Open the Latest Integration Batches node. Find the relevant integration job that is linked to the Load ID. Watch the video to find the job parameters which will tell you the related Load ID. You will also see how you can find the integration job ID.
  7. Look at the steps in the integration job. See if the integration job has all green checkmarks. If so, all the processing completed successfully without any errors. If not, all your records might have been put into the error table (SE tables) which is why your records never made it to GD golden records.