This article describes the steps necessary to configure Display Cards in Collections within Semarchy xDM, more details can be found here.

Configuring Display Cards in Collections

1. Create a new Collection. You can use the Semarchy xDM Developer’s Guide

2. Once the new Collection is created. You can add the new collection to a new business view

3. Right Click Business View and select add new Business View

4. Set a new name and select Next

5. Select Browsing Form

6. Select Transitions

7. Select Finish

8. Navigate to Transitions

9. Under Properties - Display Properties select the Browsing Collection

10. Save the new Business View

11. Navigate to the Applications to display the new Business View in the UI

12. Navigate the application and expand the window

13. Open Folders and Actions

14. Add a new Action

15. Name the new action and select Next

16. Select the previously created business view

17. Provide a label and finish

18. Save the new action and refresh UI