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I have multiple entities where provided input ID(Manual) for each entities contain duplicate ID values. How to avoid this duplicate entry of ID values in other entities in Semarchy end. Any lookup in Semarchy before populating data?

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Hi Jyoti

Semarchy xDM will automatically detect these kind of duplicates for you. You can set match rules to do this. For instance, if you have a Product SKU from one or more source systems, you can enable xDM to match using this SKU ID and merge them.

Why would you want to avoid duplicate ID values coming in? Your record coming in on an existing ID could be providing a crucial update to this record.

But if you do want to avoid duplicates, xDM have mechanisms for detecting duplicates to prevent the creation or update of the record by a data steward.

You'll need to clarify your question with an example. Otherwise, please take a look at our tutorials on our website. The Customer B2C Demo gives you an idea on how to manage data and duplicates. Then go on to the Data Consolidation track to learn how to set up match and survivorship rules.

Regards, Peter

Jyoti Ranjan 
Thanks for response Peter.
Example-I have two separate entity(A and B) with no relationship between them and have manually provided Primary attribute ID values.
Lets say, Entity A has a primary attribute ID with provided values as- 1,2,3,4,5
Lets say, Entity B has a primary attribute ID with provided values as- 6,7,8,9,10 and so on..
Now, if a data steward /author creates a new records in entity A, he may create a new record with primary attribute ID with values as- 6, which is already existing in the Entity B.I want to avoid this case of entering any existing primary attribute values if it it existing in other entity(B) and vice versa.
Hi Jyoti

That's clearer now. But what is your real world example?

Is it something like having a Country entity and a Currency entity: you don't want USD as a Country Code and also you don't want USA as a Currency code? You could use the REST API to check values before loading them. Take a look at our Tutorials - 'Load Data via the REST API' has an example on how to do this.

Of course, alternatively, you can use some SQL in your ETL to do this.

Regards, Peter
Jyoti Ranjan 
Thanks Peter. I am trying to check with 'validation' with SemQL.
Is there any way in Semarchy to fetch the value of an attribute which is present in other non related entity(B) inside entity(A) inside SemQL validation.
For Ex- If I add SemQL validation for entity A,I could only see attributes of that particular entity(A) and some variables(system) .I wish to fetch the values of other non related entities inside it. Is it possible?
Hi Jyoit

You can use SemQL between entities which are related. It is not possible to do this with non-related entities. You've not shared your example of what kind of entities you are dealing with that would require the same id.