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How to see the queries generated in the searches and the queries that display in the collections when the user is using the application ?

Hi Stéphan,

from the xDM Configuration menu, you can 

  • set to TRACE the following Logging Configuration:
  • then make sure that the PDE appender is set for the root logger (default):
log4j.rootLogger=INFO, PDE
  • and set the PDE appender Threshold to TRACE, so that it can catch TRACE logs:
  • save this Logging Configuration:
Sample Logging Configuration
  • get ready from the UI screen so that you just have to refresh the page you want to analyze
  • make appear the Error Log (PDE log) and flush its content:
Flush Error Log content
  • refresh the UI screen you want to analyze (browser refresh is enough)
  • export the Error Log right away
Export Error Log
  • restore the Logging Configuration:
Restore Logging Configuration
  • find the appropriate query from the exported Error Log

I hope this helps!

Best regards,


Stéphan VERDIER 
This works for searches but not for the query used in the collection.
Stephanie Fourrier SEMARCHY TEAM
I'm surprised because I tested before writing this answer. The collection queries look like an embedded query with "from GD_xxx" if the collection is displayed on a golden Business View. Don't hesitate to open a support issue with an export of your model as well as the collection you want to test and the exported PDE log if you don't want to share details on community.