The goal of this article is to create a search form that will combine a criteria selection with its associated value so that it looks generic to the end user when opens a business view. The CustomerB2C model is used as a reference.

1. Create a new entity named Criteria that will contain the values of the possible criteria.


2. Create a Search Form with two parameters, here is an example: 

3.  Provide it with a filter that would look like this (for possible criteria values being FirstName and LastName)

4.  Ensure that the parameter corresponding to the criterion is of type value picker, which will retrieve the information from the Criteria entity

5. It is optional to combine the criteria with AND or OR, knowing that if nothing is provided, by default it is ignored.

6. In the business view, Display properties move the Custom search form to the top, so that the first preference would be a Criteria-based search.

7. Configure ‘Use search on open’ to access the search form directly going into business view: 

8.  Add ‘Criteria’ business view to the quick action: 

9. Create two filter conditions in the ‘Criteria’ business view: 


10. Now, go to the customer business view and provide the required details: 

11. Result will be like this: