This article describes how to easily configure a SAML Identity Provider(IDP) without any provider configuration. This is based on this free Samling tool:

  1. configure your SAML IDP like this :
    • SSO Endpoint :
    • Identity provider entity ID :
    • Roles attribute is the one of your choice : 
  2. Test using the upper right corner test button → Start Test → right click on the Log in link and open in a brand new incognito window :
  3. This authentication page appears, give the username of your choice :  
  4. On the same page, scroll down to give <groups> to your user using the same attribute as the one defined in your Idp configuration:
  5. Click Next on the upper right corner of this same page :  
  6. Click on the Post Response! :  
  7. You are automatically redirected to our Welcome Page :  

Note: This tool also helps in playing with signatures, groups retrieving, or SAML traces before posting the response (traces can be updated). The customer should have 
installed SAML Tracer Add-on on their browser to compare with their actual SAML responses.