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Make gold records from any master records

Hello. I have 3 master records with LastName, FirstName, MiddleName, Email and Login attributes. 

One record has the LastName is null

Second record has the MiddleName is null

Third has the Email is null

The groupped by Match rule record1.Email = record2.Email

But the golden record creates only from One records and always has one attribute is null. How can I take attribute from other master record? I've trying to use enricher, but fail:

CASE when MasterRecord.LastName is not null AND LastName is null THEN MasterRecord.LastName ELSE LastName  END

Sorry. Third record has the FirstName is null. Email is mandatory attribute

Hello Vovan

All the master records needs to belong to the Golden

Their survivorship rule is the one who decides what attributes from what master surviving for the Golden

Also, there is a skip null option but this is only applicable for single attribute survivorship rule

for that you need to split all of your attribute in different survivorship rule so that this option can be taken into account

Follow the below link to know about survivorship rule in detail

Why can't I do it in one rule?

For example I am adding 3 attributes to the attribute set:




and make Ranking expression:




Is this supposed to work? It doesn't work for me for some reason ((...

Doen't work (

I'll try to describe the problem in more detail. I need the golden record to be composed of different master records. For example, the Last Name is taken from one master record, the First Name is taken from another master record, and the Report is taken from a third.

At the moment, I see that the system can only select the most preferred master record and make gold out of it. But it cannot make a golden record from the attributes of different master records. Is it so?

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